Monday, September 16, 2013

My Name: Self Portrait Assignment


The My Name: Self Portrait Assignment will be posted under this thread.  Although we will not workshop one another's projects until tomorrow.  I wanted to post them in the blog and give each of you a preview of the assignments.  If you have general comments, please respond to the individual posts using the comment tab beneath the post.

If you see something you like, please let your classmate know!

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Dr. Hill


  1. Joshua Stewart

  2. Kathryn Moore (I will also paste a hard photo version of her project in Blackboard for our review. This view is incomplete. It is just text.)

    My name is Kathryn Elizabeth. I’ve always thought it to be so formal and long. Contrasting my nickname. When I lived in Georgia we had two living rooms, a formal, and a family. Kathryn is like my formal living room. Used on special occasions and painted a serious color; burgundy. My great grandmother thought I was named after her. Her name was Edna Catherine Spees. Our names are spelled differently, so that’s a pretty big hint that I wasn’t, but my parents never had the heart to tell her. She was old and bed ridden when I knew her. My name Kathryn is spelled differently. Usually it’s C-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E, or the same but starting with a K. My name starts with a K, and ends in an R-Y-N. Everyone comments on how unusual this is. I’m actually named after my Mom’s Nanny. Nanny’s name was Kathryn; she was a black woman residing in Paducah, Kentucky. She was my Mom’s favorite person growing up, and all her stories about Nanny describe her as a strong woman. I like to think my Mom expected me to be a strong woman like her Nanny. She was unmarried, hardheaded, and very independent. Which describes my exact position in life, well currently. My mom was proud of her Nanny, and proud to have had me. Kathryn isn’t what I go by, my nickname is Katie. My family calls me that; it’s more casual like the family room in my Georgia house. It’s short and sweet, but it doesn’t mean anything to my mom or me. When I’m older I’ll go by Kathryn, the strong independent woman, but for now I’m not ready to grow up, so its just Katie.

  3. Deanna Couch (I will also paste a hard photo version of her project in Blackboard for our review. This view is incomplete. It is just text.)

    My Name
    Deanna Troi is a legacy unmatchable. She is Strong and Intelligent, Beautiful and Wise. But there is another Deanna Troi who is not so glorious. Deanna Troi is small, plain in looks and warm hearted. Deanna Troi is a pivotal part of a team, which would not have made it so far as they did without her. Deanna Troi likes to think that her own friends need her half as much, even if not for the same reasons. Deanna Troi is loved by millions all over the world. Deanna Troi is not loved by nations, but the love of those dear to her could fill the seas.
    Deanna Troi travels to the edges of the known universe, defeating foes with powers of a fanciful kind, while Deanna Troi descends into the aged parchment of books she adores. Deanna Troi gazes with her own eyes into spiraling galaxies millions of light-years from Earth. Deanna Troi stares wonderingly at the stars while firmly rooted to the soil of remote fields in Kentucky. Deanna Troi lives adrenaline filled adventures every day, while Deanna Troi craves escapades and heroics the other could likely yawn at. Deanna Troi is the daughter of a distinguished and powerful individual. Deanna Troi is the child of a man who’s love of a character led him to name his second born after her. Deanna Troi embraces her action-packed life, continuing to be a crucial part to a team of heroes. Deanna Troi has come to embrace the normalcy of her limited realm. She is not defined by a name derived from another, and though she may not have always been, she is perfectly happy with that now.

    1. Im not sure why the hyperlinks wont work :( What do you suggest I do?

    2. I posted a copy of the original file on Blackboard. Hopefully it can be fully accessed from there with links and color options.

  4. Alexis Novotny

  5. Elizabeth Angell

    When I was young, I was obsessed with my name and anyone who shared it. I devoured books about Queen Elizabeth I, quietly imagining between library shelves that I could be like her. I could rule a nation with a compassionate heart and a Spanish Armada. I could cast off men like stinging bees. At that age, the idea of getting married was as appealing as a tooth extraction. I lost the infatuation with my name around the same time I started hearing nicknames fall out of my friends’ mouths. I was no queen.

    My name comes from my family. Family is something I’ve never been particularly good at either. I hardly understand or remember the women that my name comes from. In Hebrew, my name means “God’s promise” or “oath of God”. I used to wonder what god would care about me and the name that was given to me. My mother followed no named gods and my gods don’t speak Hebrew.

    Perhaps my name is not meant to guide my path during this life. My online monikers have grown more precious to me the more time passes. I have become so detached from my name that I respond to it out of habit more than anything else – a habit that I have become grateful for. Therein lies an attachment though – I cannot cast my name away like outgrown clothes. My name is something I have received for a reason whether or not I can fathom the why. Perhaps the dreams watered by autobiographies and whispered secrets are what have caused my detachment. Perhaps I simply meant to focus on the names I have created for myself rather than those given to me. Life is about growth, why shouldn’t I have multiple names to reflect that?

  6. Zacary Wooldrigdge

    My Name

    My parents gave me a name like lightning
    in October of Ninety-two.
    But nowadays most know me as someone else,
    “Z_Wooly” is his name.

    He was dreamt up as my avatar,
    now he’s grown into his own.
    But who’s the face and who’s the mask is the question.
    How do you balance being Batman and Bruce Wayne?

    People have forgotten the real me,
    and so have I.
    I’m unsure whether the character I play for my life
    is just the new me or an old lie.

    My parents gave me a name like lightning
    in October of Ninety-two
    Without my name I’m nothing,
    and if I lost it I’d surely die.


  8. Erika Koester