Thursday, November 7, 2013

Presentation- www.Stumbleupon.Com

My presentation on StumbleUpon explained how easy and organized it can be to search through different websites based on what you like and are interested in. StumbleUpon can be used for many things from recreational information, research, blogging, and becoming well known in the social media world. I hope everyone can explore StumbleUpon and find it useful :)

Presentation - Jux
I chose Jux as my story-telling website. It displays a clean and straightforward way of presenting pictures and videos. This website is a wonderful way to express your interests and goals through visuals. You are able to follow other Jux users and use their pictures as inspiration for your own page. Jux is a great way to tell your story and encourage others through photographs.

Presentation deviantArt

I presented deviantArt to the class. DeviantArt is a website available to the public for artists who wish to make their work known to the world. Each profile tells a story about the artist, as does the art in their gallery. DeviantArt is a great community for artists and I greatly recommend looking into it!


I chose to present on This is a website where can post original work and then receive feedback on it. You are also able to give feedback to other users of the website. You can interact further with users by joining forums. The website also offers creative writing classes for free on the website.

Presentation- Pinterest

A way to organize and share ideas. Pinterest allows us to find new ideas and organize into specific sections. These sections allow people to organize their thoughts, passions, and interests and share specific details of their lives as well as giving people a small insight into their personal lives.

Presentation- Meograph

My presentation was on Meograph, which is a four-dimensional storytelling site. You can create presentations, tell stories, or share memories through it. You can use other sites for information, like Instagram, Facebook, Google, and etc. It allows you to use multiple tools to create your presentation. You can add pictures, video, audio, narration, text and so much more.

Presentation- Podcasting

I presented on podcasting. It can be used as a way to remix our works and share our stories, opinions, and much more with potentially millions of people around the world. If used correctly it can be this generation's "War of the Worlds."

Presentation - Write It Now 4

The software that I presented is called WriteItNow 4.  The software serves to aid in writing all different types of stories of any length.  The software features abilities such as character development tools, setting generator, storyboard organization, and other writer tools.  The software does an excellent job of allowing writers to neatly organize all their ideas, which allows them to write creative and well developed stories.

-Brian Carroll

Presentation: Twitter

My presentation was on Twitter and how it can be used as a storytelling tool. I spoke on several ways in which Twitter had already been used by writers and others as a storytelling device. I also spoke on how Twitter documents the human existence.

Presentation: Scrivener

My presentation was about Scrivener, a writing platform. It is a program used for novel, script, short story, essay, or even recipe writing. It is also great to organize research, characters, and other notes for a piece of writing.